Your company in the Data Centric model

Semantix works to transform organizations from all sectors to the Data Driven model. We bring complete solutions in all layers of technology so that, with the intelligent use of data, companies can achieve the best results, optimizing their processes, creating new products, reducing costs and risks, increasing profits and quality providing a better experience for their customers.

With the implementation of the Data Driven model, corporations will make accurate decisions through the analysis of information, generating precious insights that depend on a great assertiveness to increase margins.

How to turn data into assets?

Semantix acts in all phases of the process of transforming companies to the Data Centric model.

  • Data ingestion
  • Data Lake creation
  • Application of Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms
  • Dashboard development
  • Creating Reports and Alerts
  • Governance and data security in all processes 24/7


Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Exploration Models

Statistical Models

Cognitive Models

Prescriptive Models

Data Discovery






Data Strategy

Data-Driven Assessment

Case Creation Use

Data is a fundamental asset of any organization.

The data is self-describing and does not depend on an application for interpretation and meaning.

Data is expressed in open, non-proprietary formats.

Data access and security are the responsibility of the data layer and are not managed by applications.

Applications can “visit” the data, perform their “magic” and express the results of their processes back to the data layer for everyone to share.

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