Cyber Security

Data Security with SAINT

Semantix AI Networking Traffic (SAINT) is a platform that can detect, alert and analyze network events and process them with Artificial Intelligence techniques. Using unique algorithms, it can process data coming from Netflow, Proxies, Logs, Syslogs, Firewall Logs and other sources.

We allow your own data to collaborate with calculations, providing customizations while recommending problem-solving strategies. SAINT can also work with data from your current security solutions by fine-tuning them and adding Artificial Intelligence analyzes to your data.

Artificial Intelligence for Network Traffic Analysis

Finding out how intrusions occur is not an easy task. With Artificial Intelligence, this becomes much easier because the user does not need to analyze large amounts of data looking for anomalies. Artificial Intelligence algorithms can reside in the data in different ways, providing a better analysis.

Why use SAINT?

Detect invasions before they threaten you. It would be great if you could see some patterns before the invasion. SAINT can help you to reach this through Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

Do not just suspect, but inspect the suspect with findings and data visualizations. With our analysis platform, you will be able to analyze data and traffic in a very agile way. You do not need to keep your eyes on large log files trying to figure out what went wrong. With a detailed view, you will be able to fully understand Netflow and detect suspicious activity in a few clicks.

Build intelligence with experience: everything you use at SAINT is used to learn about future interactions. SAINT also learns from users. As soon as the user interacts with buttons, sets or reports new problems, the system learns about them. After a while, it will be able to create new recommendations for new issues according to what the user is doing on the platform.