Data Lake

Semantix is a leader in the implementation of Data Lake (Big Data) solutions in Latin America.

  • Official training for certification;
  • Consulting, Architecture and Technologies (up-to-date);
  • Implementation, Security, Governance and Sustainability.

Overcome Your Big Data Challenges

+ 50% of Data Lakes are not ready for production

+ 50% of organizations fail to deliver the best results for the business

100% of Semantix customers deliver value to the business through Data Lake

Data Lake Architecture

Semantix's Big Data Analytics reference architecture provides a functional view of how a Dala Lake can be structured and organized in an ideal way to balance flexibility and agility with governance and quality.

Build a central data repository integrating all your company's legacy fonts with a Data Lake. Using technologies such as Hadoop, Spark and Hive, you can build data marts, data warehouses and analytics environments with a single distributed computing system.

With a Data Lake, you will be able to consolidate your data, integrating data from different systems, and it will be easier to make this data available to your entire organization. The main advantages of building a data lake are:

  • Reduce costs with more expensive technologies, using Big Data technologies to increase their margins and create more innovations;
  • Create predictive and analytical systems with high volume data, using machine learning algorithms;
  • Integrate data from different systems into a single environment, integrating private and public data to improve analytics and identify standards.