Environment of technological innovation and practical learning

Technologies are evolving at a speed faster than people's ability to adapt. Our plan is to reduce the gap between the universities training and the market, promoting more innovation, entrepreneurship and preparing professionals to work with the main data solutions in the market.

For this, we introduce the concept of DataLAB as platform and methodologies that contribute to the realization of the plan.

What is a Datalab?

The Data Lab enables researchers and university students in industry and the public sector to innovate and develop new data science experiences in a collaborative environment. Its main mission is to generate economic, social and scientific value, significative with Big Data.

DataLAB Semantix

Semantix's DataLAB was designed with the main objective of foment Brazilian technological innovation through the students practical learning, focusing on themes such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity.

The students, selected through a selective process, are working within the laboratories installed in FIAP and Unicamp. With the mentoring of Semantix professionals and educational institutions, trainees develop innovative solutions to our clients' real situations, which offer "challenges" to be overcome.

With a projection to triplicate its revenue in Latin America by 2022, according to a Frost & Sullivan study, Big Data and Analytics market is hotter than ever, but still lacks a skilled workforce. "We want to add value to all those involved in the technology ecosystem in Brazil by developing talents that will be active in the labor market in the future," explains Anderson Paulucci, CTO of Semantix.