Ethics & Integrity

Our reputation and credibility are the most important assets that we have to offer, and with the ethical principles that guide our work contributes to the maintenance of the image of the  Semantix  as a result, in reference not only to the product that we deliver to you, but also on “how” to do it.

The goal of the Program is the Health of the Semantix this is to ensure that all of your employees, and any third party that relate to us, are clear and to the knowledge of Company guidelines, to perform in an integrated manner, and in line with our core values and ethical principles.


We have a commitment to put it into practice, and spread our culture and ethics, which includes the activities of day-to-day of our guiding principles:

Channel the Ethics of

To Semantix it offers to its employees and the public a Channel for Ethics in an independent registration of the occurrence or suspicion of a breach of the guidelines set forth by the Semantix the Code of Conduct and Ethics or any of its policies, standards, and procedures, and failure to comply with the law.

The customer support open 24×7, on the following site: 

Any communication will be treated anonymously and confidentially, which is completely prohibited, and any retaliation against an employee or a third party, do you have any complaint, pursuant to the terms of our Policy for the Reporting of Complaints and no Action.

Please remember that it is the duty of everyone to immediately report any violations to the Code of Conduct and Ethics, applicable laws or policies and internal guidelines.

Be sure to visit our channel on ethics:

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