Launch your Data Platform in 1-Click

Speed up the digital transformation in your business

Reduce your projects from months to days, the OpenGalaxy addresses the technological complexity, allowing companies to remain focused on their business.

Datalake + Analytics

Store, transform and analyze data using a third generation platform with secure data-centric architecture, ensuring scalability, flexibility, maximum performance and reduction of any complexity.

Search + Analytics

Access and collect data simply and quickly to perform and combine various types of searches, ensuring visibility, control, and security.

Escalate from a simple environment to the whole planet, saving time and money.

Multicloud Solutions

Do not be restricted to just one cloud. OpenGalaxy provides support to meet the largest cloud providers in the world.


Suitability for consumption of your application, using only what is necessary for the cost optimization.

Pay per consumption

Application of tools that reduce the cost by its infrastructure, operating only at the time needed.

Focus on Intelligence

Do not waste time with the complexity of the infrastructure and data engineering. More than 70% of projects fail in these steps.

Real Time Intelligence

The complexity of the businesses in the digital age is much greater and the traditional solutions do not meet the needs, make decisions in real time.

Data Driven

Boost the digital transformation through Big Data and Artificial Intelligence using a single platform.

Specialized Support

Count with the OpenGalaxy team to solve any problem on your platform, including upgrades and technology updates, without the need for outsourcing and without additional costs.