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Semantix OpenGalaxy Studio is a data science platform composed of libraries and data that facilitates and executes exploratory analyzes in optimized infrastructure, allowing to view, store, and manage data as they are generated.

Main Features

  • Elastic Infrastructure
  • Simple Path to put into production
  • Collaborative tools that facilitate the knowledge sharing within the company
  • Integration with open source tools
  • Central architecture with shared environments
  • Clean IDE for data tools
  • Ability to handle different types of files: codes, data sources, annotations, markdown etc.
  • Interactive platform

Get support for your data science team to work collaboratively and agile, accelerating the extraction of results.


Do not waste time. The Studio is available in 30 seconds to develop Data Science.


Major languages and libraries for you to begin your development with integrated support.

Data Driven

Take advantage of data analysis various benefits, machine learning and artificial intelligence.