A 21st century platform designed to solve the problems of the digital age with automation, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence.

Semantix OpenGalaxy

Semantix OpenGalaxy is a platform that provides the best technology solutions for Big Data, development tools for engineering and data science, and Artificial Intelligence advanced algorithms ready for use in your business.


Implements a multicloud architecture (AWS, Azure, Google), allowing the use of the best tools.


Ensures agility by automating the data engineering.

Leading Edge Technology

Kubernets, Kafka, Terraform, Jenkins, Hadoop, Spark, Elasticsearch, Tensorflow, GPU, among others.

Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive solutions that transform data into results, automated and ready for use.

Security and Data Governance

The platform implements security and governance in all layers.

Real-time Analytics

The complexity of businesses in the digital age is much greater and the traditional solutions do not meet the needs. Make real-time decisions.


OpenGalaxy Spaces automates the provisioning and management of Big Data technologies. Implement your data platform in minutes, ensuring the best technologies at the lowest cost.

  • Multicloud Architecture (AWS, Azure, Google)
  • Complete Big Data platform (DataLake, Data Ingestion, Search and Analytics)
  •     Specialized support
  •     Consumption pay only
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OpenGalaxy Cognitive offers a catalog of Artificial Intelligence solutions ready to automate the problems of your business.

  • A solution of RPA 4.0 (+ A.I)
  • Predictive Models using Machine Learning
  • Analysis of Images, Videos, Audios and Texts
  • Smart ChatBots
  • Integrations with APIs, Applications and s
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Access a public/open data catalog with quality, organized to enrich the information of your organization decision models. The collections can be made by means of extraction of images, PDF files, spreadsheets and web pages, following the online flow, daily or monthly.

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Do not waste time with configurations and tools updates for Data Science. OpenGalaxy Studio works 100% in cloud, allowing the developer to access algorithm libraries and development unlimited resources.

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Deploy and manage data solutions faster, simplifying the technology and ensuring the ongoing evolution process.

Cognitive solutions

Purchase cognitive solutions that can be easily integrated into your business processes.

Agnostic View of Technology

Integrate the best solutions on the market in your company without any complexity.

Low risks and costs

Deploy Data Solutions and Artificial Intelligence without risk of failures and with low investment.