The SDP is in the cloud-Microsoft
On 30 April 2021

On the 15th day of April, in the Semantix has launched the PBS online, Online service, developed in conjunction with Microsoft, making it easier for the professionals to manipulate and visualize data in a way that's more simple, innovative, and using AI and Analytics.

When asked customers to leave no room for doubt that the biggest concern is to build architectures that allow for operations to use and the benefits of the use of AI and analytics, advanced, However, the reality is far from this scenario, companies often find themselves lost in the vast amounts of data, and tools on the market to treat each and every case, not knowing how to manage it in a way that will assist in decision-making, as the project's data is very complex, and it also explains why 85% of the projects fail.

With these aches and pains are mapped to the Semantix has developed the SDP – Semantix Data Platform is a solution-an All-in-one, with a simple and intuitive interface, algorithms, with a play-and-plug in and ready for the Enterprise while providing the scalability, flexibility, low prices, and dedicated 24/7 support.

The product is to be present at the international marketplace in the us as a unified platform for data that can accelerate at up to 70% of their business, and it's already being used by enterprises and companies in creating value and delivering results.

The SDP is a product that is 100% local, which uses high-technology to streamline processes, and provide the scalability of the business, and provide value for people and businesses.

In Brazil, for the world!!!



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