Semantix AI Library

When you need to find patterns in the data or create systems that can learn from the data as they are generated, you need to work with machine learning algorithms. These algorithms require that the data be properly prepared to improve processing capacity and results.

Therefore an artificial intelligence solution needs experts who understand how to handle it in the best way. Semantix has an extensive library for machine learning and deep learning techniques that can be used to increase your solutions. Among them, we already have a algorithms library to:

  • Create linear regressions, for example, to analyze historical price behavior, find customer credit score and other similar analyzes;
  • Create classification systems, allowing to find categories of transactions, identify frauds, find diagnoses, predict customer service cancellation (churn), predict customer satisfaction level from written feedback and much more;
  • Segment customer and products bases or find patterns in the data;
  • Recommend products from the customer experience in an individualized way;
  • Create customer identification systems, people flow identification or IoT sensor data analysis, allowing better analysis of internal environments, leading to better conversion rates and margins.

And much more. Learn more about our library of artificial intelligence algorithms by contacting us.