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Revolution with the Internet of Things (IoT)


IoT Vision - Reference Architecture Blueprint

From sensor to cloud: we deliver the complete solution

Semantix Differentials

Purpose driven to generate value

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

We combine the latest in Big Data technology with the processing of artificial intelligence algorithms for the data and sensors analysis, logs and information external sources.

Insights on the Data

Real-time reporting with data analysis tailored to your business needs, such as problem-solving, cost-reduction opportunities and failures prediction.

No Lock-in

We deliver an agnostic solution that works with your preferred cloud provider (or on-premise architecture) with data sent by any type of device or application, regardless of communication protocol.

End-to-end security

With hundreds and thousands of devices connected to each other, we care to ensure the communications identity and origin in IoT projects.

Where do we start?

Strategic and technical workshops

Semantix offers immersion workshops to explain what kinds of problems can be solved by the Internet of Things and how the business area will be impacted by complete Big Data solutions.


Services catalog

We act on all layers of IoT


Integration with IoT of enterprise infrastructure: installation of Big Data servers and adoption of large-scale data processing algorithms.


Materialization of ideas with market practices for the evaluation of technical feasibility and proof of value.

Expansion of projects

Adoption of large-scale projects and expansion of projects in the experimental phase.

Device monitoring

Adoption and development of tools for remote monitoring of sensors, machines and other devices.

Device security

Adoption and development of tools for data security, hardware and software in IoT projects.

Security analysis

Practices studies and technical evaluation of IoT projects under the prism of corporate security and information traffic.

Data processing

Development of components for data sending and ingestion collected by sensors in Big Data clusters.

Data Analysis

Study of sensory data and components development to analyze the potential of gains and value tests.

Data visualization

Development of tools for visualization of IoT data and business metrics.

Use Cases

How is IoT already transforming your industry?


IoT innovations generate insights and solutions to revolutionize healthcare.