Semantix Sense


Artificial Intelligence for Retail

The Semantix Sense platform leverages your organization's information, creates insights about the customer behavior and enhances the customer experience in real-time.

Semantix Sense is an Artificial Intelligence platform for retail capable of:

  • Accounting for people who view the showcase and compare it with total visits;
  • Facilitate the choice of the best places to position greater conversion products;
  • Find points with greater visibility and attractiveness within an establishment;
  • Allow standardized comparison with other stores in the same chain;
  • Assist in the personalized service to new and recurring clients.



Profiles Analysis in real time

Enhance your customers' experience by implementing an IoT architecture capable of collecting data and processing Artificial Intelligence algorithms that analyze the profile of the public that visits your establishment in real time.

Valuable Information

Better insights into business, cost reduction and increased productivity positively impact the customer experience.

  • Get access to a daily report of store metrics and heat maps of consumer behavior.
  • The manager can receive notifications about the input of customers associated with real-time profile reports.

Costumer Journey

When launching a new product line, positioning a new stand or even redefining the layout of an establishment, it is possible to have some results:

Identified Access

The client installs the app on his/her phone. When visiting a monitored store, Semantix Sense detects it and notifies the manager about his/her presence.

Anonymous Access

Semantix Sense detects the customer when entering the monitored store and generates metrics that can be queried in real time.

Evolution of methods and computational capacity

By studying the business and supporting advanced algorithms of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, it is possible to deepen the data analysis and generate new insights about the monitored environment.

Facilitating digital transformation

What is IoT's role?


Data that is not even collected today can be fundamental in calculating metrics that impact decision making.


Information can be stored in an IT infrastructure, in the cloud or on company servers.


Advanced Algorithms of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence can detect patterns and generate insight into the data.

Impact of IoT

Customer and Contributor Experience
  • Satisfaction Monitoring
  • Interest
  • Engagement
  • Comfort and Safety
  • Business model
  • Tecnologic innovation
  • Resource Conservation
  • Insurance
  • Risk analysis
  • Credit Analysis