Our History

Data Driven Company By Design

Big Data, IA, IoT and Quantum Computing solutions

We are a reference when it comes to Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, developing innovative and disruptive solutions, besides Big Data platforms in the “one-stop-shop” model, allowing the implementation of complex data environments in a few minutes. From a multicloud infrastructure to advanced business performance and data governance solutions for all industries.

Our products and services are transforming our customers’ routines with process optimization, higher profitability and high level insights for more assertive and data-driven decision making.

Founded in 2010 in Brazil, and now present all over the American continent, Semantix develops data-driven solutions so that our customers will always be one step ahead using the most cutting-edge technology.

We deliver the highest value in the shortest time.

Our goal is to lead companies to the data-drivel model through smart solutions, impacting billions of lives with data.


Develop data centric products to accelerate digital transformation and boost companies’ performances.


Impact billions of lives with data


People first, autonomy, collaboration, innovation, agility and simplicity.


Be a reference in the market, leading companies and personnel into the data-driven model.

Join us in the challenge of democratizing access to the data-driven culture in the world!


Excellent people make an excellent company!

People are our most important asset, and they are recognized by their excellence. We recruit, develop and engage the best professionals. Our results reflect the quality of our team.

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