Fraud prevention and optimization of public expenditure

Big Data on Governement

Growing use of mobile devices and smart sensors, switching to cloud-based storage, bursting of social media and Internet traffic. Access to these types of information is creating new opportunities in data analysis. Data scientist in government has the opportunity to:

  • Avoid waste and fraud;
  • Identify cyber attacks and protect sensitive information;
  • Use business intelligence to make better financial decisions.

This will require storing, processing and analyze a huge amount of data from an impressive array of sources as quickly as possible.

Practical examples


Without a doubt, the most controversial initiative involving governments and Big Data was the case with the American National Security Agency. According to information contained in NSA documents, provided by whistleblower Edward Snowden, the NSA has direct access to data on Google, Apple, Microsoft, Skype, and other giant Internet companies.

Examples of such data include:

  • Email;
  • Video and voice calls;
  • File transfers;
  • Voice over IP;
  • Videos;
  • Photos;
  • Details of social networks;
  • Among others.

This system allows extensive and in-depth monitoring of real-time communications and stored information, including data in other countries.

Such a system is only possible thanks to Big Data.


At present, much of the government's investment is based on superficial analyzes and hardly take into account the external factors for such decision making.

Using analysis tools, it is possible to identify possible causes of certain social problems and to act in a directed and assertive way to solve them. In this way, it is possible to gain popularity with the population served, besides saving money from the public coffers.

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