Data Science in Health

More assertive decision making and cost reduction

Big Data Health

The use of Big Data has provided new business insights in various industries, and it is no different in healthcare. With the popularization of the Internet of Things, electronic medical record systems can provide essential information to monitor the patient in real-time. In addition, the various information collected on the treatments applied and the results may be relevant both to the treatment of new patients, as the reduction of costs with these treatments.

On the other point of view, information analysis can be critical to the health insurance companies to reduce spending, fraud identification, and pricing plans

This puts the data scientists in a privileged position. Used wisely, big data has the potential to help doctors make better decisions across the board - from personalized treatments to preventive care.

Practical Examples

Many years ago, medicine was based on trial and error. Modern medicine has more advanced research to identify different types of diseases, but still, these studies are limited to certain information and do not consider various characteristics of the individual.

Using tools Big Data is possible to merge and analyze more complex sets of data from:

  • Characteristics of each patient
  • clinical trials
  • Direct observations of other physicians
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Research on the genome project
  • and more

Preventive measures based on Predictive Analytics

"It is better to be safe than sorry." This is the basic rule when we talk about health, and when it comes to Health Plans that rule helps save a lot of money. Using Big Data tools is possible to identify certain types of patients and work with preventive measures.

Accredited network

For health insurance companies, there is the possibility of monitoring indicators of accredited network and enabling patients to identify

  • Need for new accreditations based on demand and geolocation
  • Network cost optimization opportunities, based on demand forecasts
  • Dimensioning specialties, diagnostic services and hospitals
  • Among others

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