Data Science in Retail

Insights for Custom Offers and Forecasting Trends

Big Data Retail

Big Data Retail amount of retail from information is growing exponentially. Thanks to the technology used in Big Data, retail companies are able to analyze huge amounts of information that are generated by physical stores, online sales, shipping logs on the site, server logs, etc. In this mountain of information (structured and unstructured), the data scientist plays a key role: The find relevant information and to bring benefits to the company.

Another advantage of using a Big Data environment is the ability to handle large volumes of information extremely quickly, thanks to its simple and efficient scalability. This means for example, that a well-designed online store system is capable of supporting without major problems a large sales concentrations event in a short period of time, such as a ticket sales for a particular concert or a Black Friday.

Practical Examples

Consumer Experience

  • Pedictive analytics to improve customer experience across all channels and devices, online and offline
  • Personalized recommendations and reward programs based on buying preferences, online data, smartphone applications, etc.
  • Analysis of feeling of social media streams, call center records, product reviews, etc. to customer feedback and market prospects


  • Better inventory management with real-time monitoring
  • Dealing with the most effective suppliers based on historical records store
  • Demand forecast based on a combination of structured and unstructured data
  • Route optimization and transport more efficient using telemetry, geolocalizaçõ and GPS data, geolocalizaçõ and GPS data


  • Create offers targeted at specific segments, identifying the most appropriate channels to optimize the return on investment
  • Personalized offers through online behavioral analysis and web analytics
  • Price update in real-time according to stock metrics, price competition and demand behavior
  • Identifying trends and cross-selling opportunities through behavior analysis

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